DOUGLAS JEN is a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and musical producer best known for his work as SupreMa’s guitarist, as well as his instrumental and educational projects.

His background consists of over 18 years in the business and more than 150 events performed in Brazil and abroad, having played with bands like Shadowside, Glory Opera, Dark Avenger and Germán Pascual (ex-Narnia, Divinefire). DOUGLAS JEN is a great supporter of the educational area and got a lot of recognition for his free video lessons that received over 800,000 views in 2007. The lessons were directed at both basic and advanced level musicians and made it possible for guitarists of the new generation to be able to study and improve their knowledge.

He toured Brazil’s North and Northeast regions 7 times, where he built a legion of followers and frequently performs clinics, workshops and demonstrations for the brands that sponsor him.

Douglas’s virtuosity with heaviness and aggression combined to the creativity of his unexpected songwriting got him and his Drop D and 7 strings riffs the alias of “INSANE GUITAR”.


Douglas Jen dedicates himself to the educational area, promoting learning and musical formation of musicians of the new generation on-site and online, in several platforms such as Skype, WhatsApp and Online Courses with over 40 hours of recorded videos.

The musician has released two guitar methods. Alternate & Sweet Picking Method and The Scales Guide.

With constant contributions to magazines and channels dedicated to music education, he wrote columns for Guitar Load Magazine, Guitar Shred and Guitar Battle websites, the latter getting him twice on the spotlight on the cover of renowned website Cifra Club.


The year of 2008 was one of his highlights, when he reached the 10th position in the popular voting of worldwide contest GUITAR IDOL.

Douglas Jen and SupreMa definitely established their name among the biggest ones in Brazil after the musician was chosen 12th best rock/metal guitarist in Brazil (Whiplash! Website by popular voting).

His work has been constantly praised by European media and the album “Traumatic Scenes” received high scores above 8.5/10 and 9/10 in websites like Metal Underground (AT), Rock Metal Essence (IT), Stormbringer (AT), Whiplash (BR), Metal Temple (EUR), Power of Metal (DK), Heavy Paradise (GR) and Sea of Tranquility (US).

In 2015, Douglas Jen went on a solo tour in Brazil with guitar icon Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) and played in 20 cities all over the country.

In 2018, he went on tour with Shadowside through the United States as a special guest, playing bass with the band in 11 shows, temporarily replacing bassist Magnus Rosén.

Count's Vamp'd (Las Vegas, Nevada - USA) photo by Leah Burlington


The EP “Spyeyes” (SupreMa, 2004), CD "Underground Religions" (União, 2006), "Sou Brasileiro, sou Brasil!" (ESPN Brazil, World Cup 2006) and CD "Traumatic Scenes" (SupreMa, 2013) are among his musical releases.


His first video was for the song “Sou Brasileiro, sou Brasil!”, theme of sports programs of ESPN Brazil during 2006’s World Cup.

The video for song Nightmare (SupreMa) was one of the most special moments of his career, being highlighted on the schedule of MTV/BRZ for several weeks and reaching 2nd position in the charts of Switzerland’s Rock Label TV. On YouTube, the video has surpassed the 100,000 views mark.

Fury and Rage video is a major cinematographic production by Nevasca Filmes, known for their work with several mainstream artists and companies like Naldo Benny, João Neto e Frederico, Rick Bonadio, Micael Borges, Manu Gavassi, The Vampire Diaries (RTA Global), as well as work with the production of Pânico na TV show (RedeTV and Band). With a drama and horror script, filmed in the cities of Paranapiacaba and Joanópolis, Sao Paulo, the video was highlighted on PlayTV, NGT, BlankTV and over 100 websites and magazines in Brazil and abroad, like Brave Words (CA), Metal Underground (US), Venja Magazine (CR), Metal Kaoz (GR), Metal Spirit (CH), Headbangers Latinoamerica, Metal Cry (ES), Kronus Mortus (HU), Metalchroniques (FR), Darkside (RU), Metal Glory (DE), Rock Online (BR), Whiplash (BR), Roadie Crew Magazine (BR) and Stay Heavy TV Show (BR).



With years of experience in the musical market, Douglas Jen has worked in several shows and tours with names like Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth), Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), Evergrey, Almah, Shadowside, Germán Pascual and worked in the production of big events such as Rodeio de Cajamar, Rodeio de Osasco, Rodeio de Araçariguama, Rodeio de Itapecerica da Serra, Rodeio de Jandira, Rodeio de Bernardino de Campos and F1 Rocks (Eminem).


DOUGLAS JEN is currently working on the pre-production of new SupreMa material, set to be recorded and released in the second semester of 2018 with the band’s new lineup. The musician is also involved in several projects with original material and in the development of new educational works.